General Questions
timeEdition is available for macOS, iOS and Android.
You can sync with an unlimited number of devices.
A (free) Dropbox account is needed.

Yes. They can be downloaded on the App Stores for free.

Google Play / Apple AppStore

Yes. Just set up the hourly rate of your activities, or use individual hourly rates for single tasks. Now timeEdition will track your revenue and your working hours.
Absolutely. The timeEdition Smart-Filter function allows you to set up and save a filter like "this week". This enables you to export your recordings at the end of the week.
Yes. If you want to, timeEdition writes all your recordings into your Calendar. You can choose between writing all recordings into one calendar or let timeEdition create an individual calendar for each of your clients.
timeEdition lets you export to Excel, CSV, XML, iCal and PDF.
Yes. You can add recordings at any time.
Yes. This is especially useful when you want to check the accuracy of your estimation compared to the actually executed working time.
Yes. You can set up a deadline for your project. You will receive a warning if you are about to miss it.
What can I use timeEdition for?
With timeEdition you get a detailed documentation of your working hours. Grouped by Client, Project, Activity and Task.
Export a project summary after a project has been finished. You get a detailed documentation of the amount of work, grouped by activities and tasks.
Using timeEdition you can easily check whether your estimated project efforts fits to the actual working time.
Say goodby to handwritten, weekly report sheets: Use timeEdition for your company and get accurate reports from your employees.
  • • Get Deadline reminders
  • • Receive a warning that you are nearing the original estimated effort.
  • • Take notes for every recording
  • • Track your working hours out of office with timeEdition for mobile
  • • Use highly customizable billing units for automated rounding of your recordings